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Key EU policies for Ireland

The EU is active in a wide range of policy areas, from human rights to transport and trade. See below for information on some of the key EU policy areas and how they apply to Ireland.

Agriculture and rural development

The EU supports Irish farmers and rural greening and sustainable development through financial support, funding for research and innovation

Fisheries in Ireland

The interests of Irish fishermen, fishing communities, the marine environment and consumers of fish products are supported by being part of the EU.

EU economic policy and Ireland

EU membership has helped Ireland transition from economic stagnation in the middle of the last century into a nation with a modern economy based.

EU research and innovation in Ireland

Research and innovation (R&I) are key components in securing Ireland’s economic future and are at the heart of the European Commission’s policies.

The impact of Brexit on Ireland

The UK decision to leave the EU has far-reaching consequences for citizens, businesses, public administrations & stakeholders especially in Ireland.

The EU and Irish women

EU Membership has led to several pieces of important Irish legislation that have improved the lives of Irish women.

EU taxation policy and Ireland

EU Tax Policy focuses on removing tax obstacles to all cross-border economic activity, eliminating harmful tax competition & combatting tax evasion