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EU membership has brought many benefits to Ireland and to the Irish people. The stories listed below illustrate some of these benefits.

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Irelands Eye: Knitwear eyed by Canada

CETA, the EU-Canada Trade Agreement, is helping Irish knitwear company IrelandsEye to significantly grow its exports to Canada.

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Involve: Working for a more inclusive society

Involve is the main provider of youth work services to young Travellers, and young people from marginalised backgrounds, in Ireland.

Project locations
Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

Teaching numeracy through soccer

More Than A Club is an EU-funded programme that aims to promote social inclusion and teach numeracy to young students through soccer

Project locations
Ireland, Ireland, United Kingdom

Journeys lead to better understanding

Thanks to the EU’s PEACE IV programme, students from the border region have been empowered through active learning activities to find common ground

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Ireland, Ireland, United Kingdom