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Our role

The European Commission Representation in Ireland liaises, communicates and engages with the government, stakeholders, media and citizens.

Our team

Information and contact details for the staff of the European Commission Representation in Ireland

Contact us

Contact details and location for the European Commission Representation in Ireland

European Public Space

The European Public Space offers an attractive city-centre venue for EU-related conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and cultural events.

Introduction to the EU

The EU is a unique economic & political partnership between 27 European countries & has delivered over half a century of peace, stability & prosperity

Ireland in the EU

Ireland became a member of the European Communities on 1 January 1973 at the same time as the United Kingdom and Denmark.

Impact of EU membership for Ireland

Joining the EU in 1973 was undoubtedly the most significant step Ireland has taken on its journey as an independent nation.