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Me, You and the EU - The Story of Ireland and the European Union

‘Me, You & the EU’ is a short, fast-paced educational film about Ireland and the European Union.

Over the course of five chapters, Irish teenagers from across the country ask key questions about the EU. We follow them on their journey to discover more about the history of the EU and how Ireland’s EU membership impacts their daily lives.

We find out about key EU policies, how the different institutions work, and how the EU is responding to current challenges. We hear from Ireland’s EU Commissioner, Mairead McGuinness, and Irish MEPs, and we learn about traineeships and career opportunities for young people in the EU institutions.

Support material for Teachers

This film is designed to inform young people about the EU in a fun and accessible way.

Schools may choose to use it as an educational resource.

A short lesson note for teachers is available here. This provides an overview of the film and an outline of each of the five chapters including the questions posed throughout the film.

A Quiz for students, based on the content of the film, is available here.