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Representation in Ireland

First class programme for students

There’s no doubt that travel broadens the mind and thanks to Erasmus+ Irish students are able to expand their cultural horizons while learning abroad.  

Students from Templemore College who took part in the Erasmus programme

The EU programme for education, training, youth and sport allows students to gain valuable life experience that builds confidence and opens doors of opportunity across Europe.

Templemore College of Further Education (TCFE) in Co Tipperary has been making the most of Erasmus for its students over the past eight years.

Programme Co-ordinator, Siobhán Keating, has been there from the start and knows first hand the benefits. The former IT worker was initially teaching at TCFE for two hours a week when she was asked to help out with the college’s Erasmus programme:

I was really excited about doing that because I had been on Erasmus myself when I was in college, so I knew what a brilliant experience it can be for young people.

Siobhán is passionate about Erasmus and being involved helped her decide to teach full-time at TCFE. The college initially sent just three students to France under the programme, but that number has now grown to around 70 and Erasmus is a significant factor for students deciding to enrol at TCFE.

“All the students are familiar with it, they know about it and we have a huge amount of students coming here with the intention of going on Erasmus as part of their course,” Siobhán says.

We find that Erasmus has helped us promote the college as part of a Europewide network where people can do work experience no matter what course they do.

Siobhán believes Erasmus is not just about getting training or work experience; it’s a fantastic cultural experience and a great opportunity for personal development.

The students come back as new people, with a new lease of life or a new interest or motivation to continue on with the work that they’re doing.

TCFE has been awarded the Erasmus+ Charter, which is presented to education and training organisations with a track record of organising high quality projects for their staff and learners.