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Representation in Ireland

Telling award winning stories

Ireland has a great storytelling culture, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the country’s leading documentary filmmakers has picked up multiple global awards.

Ireland's storytelling culture supported by Creative Europe funding

Crossing the Line produces powerful documentaries on subjects as diverse as wildlife, science and history. In 2018 they won an Emmy for ‘The Farthest’, a fascinating feature length movie about NASA’s iconic Voyager mission – our very first spacecraft to reach interstellar space.

Crossing the Line is just one of many creative companies and individuals in Ireland supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, an EU programme that helps the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sector.

Creative Europe Desk Ireland provides advice, support and information on the programme and funding opportunities from its offices in Dublin and Galway.

John Murray from Crossing the Line acknowledges that Creative Europe MEDIA has helped the company to develop into an award winning enterprise.

I think, like a lot of production companies in Ireland, we’re big in our ambitions but quite small in terms of our actual structure.

MEDIA funding has allowed us to develop ideas and produce films to the highest international standards. It has really helped elevate the quality of our work, which has in turn spurred us on to even bigger and better projects.

Murray says Creative Europe Desk Ireland can help aspiring media artists with great ideas to develop their projects.

“I think the main advice is not to be daunted by the application itself,” he adds.

Break it down into sections and take it piece by piece. And remember, you need to sell yourself and your idea so don’t be shy about listing your accomplishments and explaining what makes your project idea so fantastic.