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Representation in Ireland
News article10 April 2024Representation in Ireland1 min read

The Pact on Migration and Asylum becomes a reality

The European Commission has welcomed the result of today’s vote in the European Parliament, endorsing the political agreement on the Pact on Migration and Asylum.

The Pact sets the stage for a fairer, more efficient, and more sustainable framework to manage migration. This achievement shows that the EU can find common European solutions to European challenges.

President von der Leyen said:

"Migration is a European challenge which must be met with a European solution. One that is effective, and both fair and firm. This is what the Pact on Migration and Asylum delivers. It will be making a real difference for all Europeans. First, more secure European borders. Knowing exactly who crosses our borders, by registering and screening everyone, while ensuring the protection of fundamental rights through an independent monitoring. Second, faster, more efficient procedures for asylum and return. This means that those with no right to asylum will not be allowed to enter in the European Union, while those escaping war or persecution can count on the protection they need. The Pact strikes the right balance between stricter rules against the abuse of the system, and care for the most vulnerable. And third, more solidarity with the Member States at our external borders. Because they manage the pressure from illegal migration."

Read her full remarks here.

More information

Factsheets on the Pact on Migration and Asylum:

  1. A common EU system to manage migration;
  2. Secure external borders;
  3. Fast and efficient procedures;
  4. Effective system of solidarity and responsibility;

Embedding migration in international partnerships


Publication date
10 April 2024
Representation in Ireland