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News article26 June 2023Representation in Ireland

NextGenerationEU: Commission endorses Ireland's revised recovery and resilience plan

On 22 May, Ireland had requested to modify its plan with targeted amendments to two measures. The Commission's positive assessment of that request was adopted today.

Visual with text: Recovery and Resilience Facility Ireland: Amendment of the recovery and resilience plan

The first measure to be amended aims at encouraging private investment in energy efficiency through a guarantee scheme. Ireland has requested to postpone the completion date of two milestones linked to this measure, due to unforeseen technical hurdles. The second measure to be amended aims at increasing the supply of social and affordable housing. Ireland has requested to postpone the completion date of three targets linked to this measure, due to delays in the construction process and other implementation issues.

Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) Regulation, a Member State can request a revision of its plan in limited and well-defined cases, including where objective circumstances make specific milestones or targets no longer achievable within the original timeline.

The Commission considers that objective circumstances justify the amendments requested by Ireland. Following an assessment of the revised plan against the criteria set out in the RRF Regulation, the Commission concluded that the Irish plan still complies with them and that its overall ambition is not affected by the amendments. The Council will now have four weeks to adopt the Commission's proposal approving the revised plan.

More information on the Irish recovery and resilience plan can be found here. More information on the process concerning the revision of recovery and resilience plans can be found in this Q&A.


Publication date
26 June 2023
Representation in Ireland