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Representation in Ireland
News article16 March 2023Representation in Ireland1 min read

Net-Zero Industry Act: Making the EU the home of clean technologies manufacturing and green jobs

The European Commission has proposed today the Net-Zero Industry Act to scale up the manufacturing of clean technologies in the EU and make sure the Union is well-equipped for the clean-energy transition.

Visual with text: EU Net-Zero Industry Act: Making Europe the home of clean tech

The proposed Regulation will create better conditions to set up net-zero projects in Europe and attract investments, with the aim that the Union’s overall strategic net-zero technologies manufacturing capacity approaches or reaches at least 40% of the Union’s deployment needs by 2030. This will accelerate the progress towards the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets and the transition to climate neutrality, while boosting the competitiveness of EU industry, creating quality jobs, and supporting the EU’s efforts to become energy independent.

President von der Leyen announced this initiative as a part of the Green Deal Industrial Plan. Together with the proposal for a European Critical Raw Materials Act and the reform of the electricity market design, the Net-Zero Industry Act sets out a clear European framework to reduce the EU’s reliance on highly concentrated imports.

To further support the uptake of renewable hydrogen within the EU as well as imports from international partners, today the Commission is also presenting its ideas on the design and functions of the European Hydrogen Bank.

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Publication date
16 March 2023
Representation in Ireland