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Representation in Ireland
News article16 November 2021Representation in Ireland1 min read

Europeans meet up online to discuss the Future of Europe - in 24 languages. And it works!

People from all over Europe are meeting up online in European Citizens' Panels every weekend this November to discuss the Future of Europe and put forward their proposals.

Conference on the Future of Europe - participants in Citizens' Panel

European Citizens’ Panels within the Conference on the Future of Europe – a unique broad participatory democracy exercise taking place in 2021/2022 – entered into their second stage this month. Two panels, each consisting of around 200 people from all over Europe, met online at the beginning of the month where they discussed - in 24 languages - the future of Europe. A world premier - and…. it worked!!

Participants' feedback has been extremely positive: a number of panellists expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to take part in such an important process. They also praised the successful organisation of such a technically complex event. When asked “how happy are you with the results so far?”, 94% of Panel 2 participants said they were super happy or happy.

Randomly selected citizens from all walks of life and from all EU Member States spent two and a half days discussing a number of ideas with the aim of formulating orientations for the final recommendations to be agreed in the Conference Plenary, which will be followed up on by the European institutions.

On 5-7 November, about 200 Europeans held an in-depth discussion on topics related to: working in Europe, an economy for the future, a just society, learning in Europe and an ethical and safe digital transformation. On 12-14 November, another 200 Europeans debated democracy/values, rule of law and security.

The remaining two weekends in November will see further on-line sessions take place. Panel 3 (19-21 November) will look at climate change/environment and health while Panel 4 (26-28 November) will look at the EU in the world/migration.

The plenary sessions on Friday and Sunday afternoons will be broadcast live on the Conference on the Future of Europe multilingual digital platform.

There is still time for Europeans to share their ideas on the Future of EU policies and activities. These will feed into the Panel discussions and the Conference Plenary.  

Join the 4 million Europeans who have already visited the platform on the Future of Europe and the 35,400 active participants. Be part of the process and help shape Europe’s future, your future!

Make your voice heard!



Publication date
16 November 2021
Representation in Ireland