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Representation in Ireland
News article29 November 2023Representation in Ireland1 min read

European Commission approves ‘Irish Grass Fed Beef’ as new island-of-Ireland Geographical Indication

The European Commission has added ‘Irish Grass Fed Beef’ to the register of Protected Geographical Indications, signifying the fourth EU Geographical Indication awarded to the entire island of Ireland - comprising Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Beef farm in Ireland

Cattle rearing has long been recognised as an integral part of the Irish and Northern Irish economies, based on the island of Ireland’s unique dependence on grass-based agriculture and its grass growing potential. ‘Irish Grass Fed Beef’ farms are central to the rural landscape and communities of Ireland.

‘Irish Grass Fed Beef’ only includes cattle that derive at least 90% of their feed intake from grass and spend a minimum of 220 days per year throughout their lifetime grazing pasture.

The cattle must be born, raised on grass, finished, slaughtered, chilled, and quartered in the island of Ireland geographical area.

The link between the product and the area in which it is produced is based on the consistently high eating quality, which in turn has led to a well-established reputation on EU and global markets. ‘Irish Grass Fed Beef’ will be registered and protected in all of the European Union and Northern Ireland.

This new denomination will be added to the list of 1,672 food products already protected. The list of all protected geographical indications can be found in the eAmbrosia database. More information is available online at Quality Schemes and on our GIView portal.


Publication date
29 November 2023
Representation in Ireland