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Representation in Ireland
News article18 October 2022Representation in Ireland1 min read

Energy Emergency: Commission makes additional proposals to fight high energy prices and ensure security of supply

The European Commission has proposed a new emergency regulation to address high gas prices in the EU and ensure security of supply this winter.

Gas pipes

This will be done through joint gas purchasing, price limiting mechanisms on the TTF gas exchange, new measures on transparent infrastructure use and solidarity between Member States, and continuous efforts to reduce gas demand. The regulation hinges on the following main elements:

  • Aggregation of EU demand and joint gas purchasing to negotiate better prices and reduce the risk of Member States outbidding each other;
  • Advancing work to create a new LNG pricing benchmark; and in the short term proposing a price correction mechanism to establish a dynamic price limit for transactions on the TTF gas exchange, and a temporary collar or bandwith to prevent extreme price spikes in derivatives markets;
  • Default solidarity rules between Member States in case of supply shortages, and a proposal to create a mechanism for gas allocation for Member States affected by a regional or Union gas supply emergency.

Today’s new measures will improve stability on European gas markets this winter and beyond and help to further mitigate the price pressure felt by European citizens and industry.

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Publication date
18 October 2022
Representation in Ireland