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Representation in Ireland

Funding and grants

Successful research makes Europe a better place to live by improving healthcare, developing sustainable agriculture methods and creating innovative products and services.

Every year the EU supports more than 200,000 businesses through business loans, microfinance, guarantees and venture capital.

Small and medium business funding

Research funding

Research funding plays a key role in innovating to achieve the European Commission's sustainability goals outlined in the Green Deal and the EU's digital transition.

Horizon 2020 is the main financial instrument that puts research investment at the heart of the EU’s drive for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs. Over 2,100 Irish organisations have been involved in Horizon 2020 projects, receiving over €880 million in EU funding. Irish SMEs have been granted over €215 million of this total.

The next EU research and innovation investment programme, Horizon Europe, should have a budget of around €100 billion.

As well as funding business-based research, the EU supports researchers at all stages of their careers and academic training.  The Science Foundation Ireland is the national contact point for EU research funding and can help with the application processes.

How research funding benefits Ireland

EU research success stories

EU research funding programmes and calls

Funding opportunities and guidelines

All about EU funding programmes

Information on the types of funding available, an overview of the main funding programmes and how EU funding is managed.


Funding procedures and guidelines

Useful information on eligibility, and the application and selection procedures for EU funding.


Financial Transparency System (FTS)

Find out who receives European Commission funding every year in Ireland and across the EU, including the amounts, purposes and locations of the recipients.


Open funding opportunities

Find information on funding and tendering opportunities and find out how to participate.