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News article7 December 2022Representation in Ireland

Two Irish women win EU Women Innovator awards

Two Irish women are among the 6 winners of the annual EU Prize for Women Innovators announced by the European Innovation Council (EIC) today.

Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel with the winners of the 2022 Prize for Women Innovators with Niam Donnelly and Dr Ciara Clancy, respectively 3rd and 4th from left

Dr Ciara Clancy, founder and CEO of Beats Therapeutics, a company developing technology solutions to tackle the mobility symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease is one of the three winners of the main EU Prize for Women Innovators.

Niamh Donnelly, co-founder and CRO of Akara Robotics, a company developing robotic solutions designed for disinfecting hospital rooms, is among the three winners of the Rising Innovators under the age of 35 award category, established to celebrate the European Year of Youth

The cash prize for the EU Prize for Women Innovators is €100,000 while for the Rising Innovators it is €50,000.

Commissioner Gabriel, who awarded the prizes, said:

“We are celebrating 6 women entrepreneurs behind game-changing innovations; 6 successful women entrepreneurs who have brought innovation to market; 6 talented women entrepreneurs who will inspire our youth and the winners of tomorrow.”

More information

Press release: European Innovation Council unveils winners of Capital of Innovation and Women Innovator awards


Publication date
7 December 2022
Representation in Ireland