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Wednesday 16 June: Online event on the "European Citizens’ Initiative: Ireland in Focus"

The European Commission is hosting an online event on the "European Citizens’ Initiative: Ireland in Focus" on Wednesday morning, 16 June.

Online event about the European Citizens’ Initiative aimed at an Irish audience

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Image: European Citizens' Initiative event
Image promoting the European Citizens' Initiative event

This event will help you understand what the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is and when it can prove relevant. Starting with a panel discussion, speakers will place the ECI in the context of the various participatory tools that are available at the local, national, and European level.

ECI initiative organisers and an ECI Forum expert will share their experience of dealing with initiatives and give participants some useful tips and tricks on how best to undertake an ECI. Irish organisers who have been involved in similar initiatives in Ireland will also share their experiences and advice as regards active citizenship in Ireland and the EU.

The event will allow you to engage with active citizens, EC representatives, ECI ambassadors and organisers who have experienced the ECI and democratic processes within Ireland.